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Development of working blades and diaphragms of the last stages of steam turbines

Work number - M 3 AWARDED

Presented A.Podgorny Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

S.Alyokhina, M.Ischenko, R.Sherfedinov, L.Slaston

The models, methods of calculation and technology of creation of blades and diaphragms of the last stages of high power steam turbines of nuclear and thermal power plants for ensuring sustainable development of the energy industry of Ukraine are developed.

A mathematical model of gas-dynamic processes in the last stages of a low-pressure cylinder (LPC) of high-power steam turbines is formulated and a method of flow numerical simulation in flow parts of turbines is proposed. The method of thermal calculation of the last stages of the LPC by the gaps of the axisymmetric steam flow was created. The method of calculating the diaphragms of the last stages of the LPC has been formed. The technology of manufacturing welded diaphragms of the last stages of LPC is developed. For the manufacture of hollow guide blades, a new technology has been developed that includes the manufacture of blade parts as a precast structure. Design methods and quality control plans for working and guide steel blades, as well as titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V blades, covering all stages of production, have been developed.

The scientific and technological developments for modernization of existing turbines, replacement of import of working blades of the last stages, which have exhausted the term of exploitation, realized during the design, manufacturing, execution of installation, and commissioning of K-1000-60 / 3000 turbines specified in the work blades made of titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V manufactured by JSC Turboatom on the power units of the Ukrainian NPP -  «South-Ukrainian NPP», Unit # 3, «Khmelnitsky NPP», units # 1, 2 and «Rivne NPP», units № 3, 4.

As of the end of 2019, the economic impact of using the results of work is about 7.5 million UAH.