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Thermomechanical behavior of piecewise-homogeneous temperature sensitive bodies under complex temperature and force loading

Work number - M 37 AWARDED

Authors: Buryk A.A., Horun O.P.

Pidstryhach Institute for Applied Problems of Mechanics and Mathematics of National academy of sciences of Ukraine

The series of works consists of a chapter of a monograph published abroad, 13 articles and 22 conference proceedings and materials published during 6 years.

The aim of the series of scientific works is the development of a numerical method for determination and investigation the parameters of the thermo-mechanical state of constructions of complex geometric shapes and structures under intense temperature and force loading, to develop the method of determination and investigation of nonstationary temperature fields and caused by them quasistatic stresses and displacements of flat layered (three-layered) bodies, including thin layers, with and without complex heat exchange.

The scientific innovation of the research is the numerical technique for determination and investigation of parameters of the thermo-mechanical state of structurally inhomogeneous anisotropic bodies of a complex geometric shape at elevated temperatures and intense force loading using a finite element method and difference algorithms, taking into account the temperature dependence of the thermo-physical and physical and mechanical characteristics from the temperature and elastic-plastic deformation. A three-dimensional approach is taken as a basis. The temperature field in the body is described by a nonstationary heat conduction equation, and the deformation processes is described by the equation of the theory of nonisothermal thermoelastoplastic flow. For the first time the method was created to solve quasistatic thermoelastic problems of three-layered thermosensitive bodies, which involves the use of the Green function of linear non-stationary heat conductivity problem for a three-layer space in the form of functional series; obtaining of a newintegral representation to solve appropriate problems; finding solutions of quasistatic problems of thermoelasticity of a three-layer bodies with and without dependence on temperature under various thermal action.

The corresponding software was developed and the thermo-mechanical behavior of the structural elements during the fire, the elements of rocket technology from composite anisotropic materials under intense force loading and high-gradient irregular heating to ultrahigh temperatures, as well as the protective shells of thermoelectric converters of various types and sizes that protect sensitive elements from the destructive influence of the medium. Fire resistance of structures, safety factor of rocket equipment and power equipment elements, their service life are established. The obtained analytical solutions of nonlinear heat conduction problems may be used as test cases for developing purely numerical methods for solving the above problems.

The total number of publications included in the series of scientific papers is 36.