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The system of veterinary and zootechnical measures at bovine leucosis

Work number - P 18 AWARDED

The work is proposed by National Scientific Center «Institute of Experimental and Clinical Veterinary Medicine».

Authors of the work: Busol V.O., Mandyhra M.S.,  Bashchenko M.I., Dostoyevskiy P.P. Horbatenko S.K., Kovalenko L.V.,  Iartchouk B.M., Shvayun I.V.

The aim of the work – to develop and implement a comlex system of large-scale veterinary and zootechnical measures on prevention and rehabilitation of livestock of Ukraine against bovine leucosis based on the results of basic and applied research.

The authors has been found and characterized the source of the pathogen, its transmission factors and driving forces of epizootic process at bovine leucosis. It was received new and diverse data on etiopathogenetical features of infection at bovine leucosis and established the stage of its development.

It was developed, and subsequently improved, manufacturing technology of leucosis virus antigen for specific diagnosis of the disease in the early stages of its development, which was introduced in biotechnological production for the first time in Ukraine. Import-substituting kit for diagnosis of the disease in immunodiffusion test created on its base widely used in diagnostic laboratories of veterinary medicine of Ukraine, and exported to CIS countries.

Based on the fundamental knowledge and practical scientific research it was gradually introduced a modern science-based system of veterinary and zootechnical measures of prevention and rehabilitation of livestock against bovine leucosis. Its implementation is allowed to improve practically livestock of Ukraine against disease (in 2014 remain 2 disadvantaged households on disease, at the beginning of October 2015 such farms were not registered). Estimated economic impact of the introduction of the developed system is 13,8 UAH for one UAH of expenditure.

The results of the work are highlighted in nine books, textbooks and bibliographic references. 470 articles, 4 normative legal act on veterinary medicine, 13 methodical recommendations. The novelty and competitive technical solutions protected by 15 copyright certificates and patents. On this subject the authors of protected 2 doctoral and four master's theses.