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System of certified grapevine planting material production in Ukraine

Work number - P 27 AWARDED

GadzaloJa.M., VlasovV.V., MuljukinaN.A., DzhaburijaL.V., TulaevaM.I.,   ChisnikovV.S., , KovaljovaI.A., GerusL.V.,  KonupL.O., ZelenjanskajaN.N

National Scientific Centre “Tairov Research Institute of Viticulture and Wine-Making”National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

           Thegoaloftheresearchesiselaborationofscientific, methodicalandtechnologicalbaseofsystemofgrapevinecertifiedplantingmaterialproduction in Ukraine

         The new results of the researches are:

-         Anewgeneticmaterialof42 varietiesofmodernbreeding and material of  111 clones of  52 varieties, adaptive for the conditions of Ukraine, which are the base of system functioning;

-         Developed systems of genetic and sanitary control;

-         Developedschemeandthe hole technology of certified grapevine planting material production in glass-houses andin vitro;

Thescientificpartoftheresearchistheoretical  andmethodicbaseofclonalselectionandbreeding, developingofbiotechnologyofgeneticandsanitarycontrolofbiologicalcategoriesofgrapevineplantingmaterial.

The practical part of the research consists of establishing of grapevine mother plantations of “base” category by clones of   32 scions and 4rootstocks in the nurseries in Odessa, Kherson, Zakarpatje regions and Crimea. The total square of base mother plantations of scion and rootstocks clones in 2014 is  32,69 ha. This amount is sufficient for the first step of grapevine clones propagation in the nurseries.

 On the base of these grapevine mother plantations from 2007 the production of grapevine certified planting material in Ukraine have been started. The hole system of certified nurseries will be established on this base till 2025.

The economic effectiveness of the system consist of grapevine plantlets production increasing per 1 ha from48 ths. till  56 ths.  (per 1 hrn of capital cost – from  53 till135 hrn ).

According to the results of the research 6 monografies were published. The total amount of referring publications is  5, total amount of citations is  11 (according to the  SCOPUSbase )