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Synthesis, properties and practical application of nanocrystalline ferromagnetic, lithium conducting and microwave oxide systems

Work number - M 25 AWARDED


SolopanS.O., KobylianskaS.D., DurylinD.D.


This work is presented by the Vernadsky Institute of general and inorganic chemistry of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences.

The work consists of 64 scientific publications,  that have beenpublishedwithin last 4 years (2010-2013) and contains28 articles, 32 abstracts and 4 patents of Ukraine.

New approaches in the synthesis of nanocrystalline self-agglomeration particles  with perovskite structure based on (La,Sr)MnO3  by sol-gel method, by deposition from non-aqueous solutions and microemulsions were proposed. Sequence of chemical reactions for the synthesis of nanoparticles of compounds with spinel structure based AFe2O4 (A = Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Zn) by deposition from non-aqueous solutions using NMR spectroscopy was established. Magnetic fluids based on the nanoparticles and aqueous solutions of agarose which are stable over time and not exfoliate were first developed.

Sequence of phase transitions and chemical reactions in the synthesis by sol-gel method of crystalline nanoparticles Li0,5La0,5TiO3, Li0,5La0,5Nb2O6 and Li0,5La0,5Ta2O6 with defective perovskite structure were first determined. It is shown that in systems of niobate and tantalate lithium-lanthanum-sodium the ionic conductivity exhibits no percolation effects.

The methods of obtaining of nanocrystalline thin films BaTi1-xZrxO3 and Li0,5La0,5TiO3 were elaborated and their microstructure, crystallic and electrical properties were studied. Sequence of chemical reactions in the synthesis of nonlinear microwave materials based on solid solutions AgNbxTa1-xO3 were first determined. On the basis of complex perovskite Ba(M1/3Nb2/3)O3 (M - Mg, Co, Zn)  microwave dielectric materials have been developed. extremely high values of the electrical quality factor in these solid solutions is achieved by ordering of crystalline lattice in nanodomains.

The results of the series of the work are of great practical importance for medicine (nanoparticles and magnetic fluids with a structure of the perovskite (La,Sr)MnO3 and with spinel structure based AFe2O4 (A = Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Zn), energetics (lithium conducting nanoparticles and filmsof(Li,La){Ti,Nb,Ta}O3with perovskite structure) and telecommunication systems (ferroelectric solid solutions BaTi1-xZrxO3 and AgNbxTa1-xO3).

The results of the series of the work are set out in 28 articles (including 13 foreign journals) and presented at 18 international and national conferences. The works of authors who have entered into a series of the work have been cited in 14 scientific journals, the general index of citing articles is 17 (according to the databases of Scopus), h-index = 3.

Total number of publication of authors are 60 articles and 58 abstracts,  6 patents of Ukraine were obtained. The total number of citations of works of authors is 192 links (for information from the database of Scopus). Hirsch indexes (h-indices) of authors (according to the database of Scopus) are equal to 4 for Solopan S.O. and Durylin D.O. and 1 for Kobylianska S.D.