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Sustainable development of territories in the area of mining on the example of western Donbas mines

Work number - M 16 AWARDED

Zabolotna Yu., Logunova O., Prokudin O., Tymoshenko Ie.


Submitted by State Higher Education Institution National Mining University


This research aims to substantiate the principles of sustainable development for mining regions on the example of task-oriented improving of coal mining technology at Western Donbass mines.

The authors first established the patterns of rock mass deformation around underground workings, which enabled developing innovative technologies of mining coal seams. The implementation of these technologies will allow solving the topical applied research task to address a number of environmental, social and economic challenges of the region with further coalmine diversification.

The patterns of rock mass deformation around underground workings have been established; this allowed developing innovative technologies of mining coal seams and increasing the competitiveness of coal produced, and providing further diversification of the mine using the "post-mining" concept as the basis for sustainable development of the coalmine region.

The basic conceptual principles have been formulated for functioning the coal mine as an object that affects the environmental and economic conditions in the industry loaded region by applying innovative technologies of mining coal seams followed by company diversification.

Theoretical and experimental studies have been made on the level of the counterparts in the world.

The practical significance of the research consists of the development of a set of innovative technologies; their applications to Western Donbass mines will allow increasing enterprise profitability, reducing their operating costs and the prime cost of coal, and minimizing the impacts of mining on the environment, and facilitating the mining area population with new jobs.

The economic effect owing to the introduction of research and development works is expected in the amount of 169.3 million UAH per year.

In the total 56 publications relevant to the research topic have been published; among them 1 collective monograph, 16articles in specialized journals with 10of them in the journals indexed by international scientometric databases,7articles in foreign journals, and 22publications in conference proceedings.According to Google Scholar database the total number of citations makes 9, and h-index equals to 1. The novelty and competitiveness of engineering solutions was protected by 1 invention patent. 2 PhD theses have been defendedbased on the results of the researchThe total number of publications is 70.