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Structural and functional features of the pancreatic islets in relation to the development of fibrosis in patients with chronic pancreatitis


SI "Institute of Gastroenterology Medical Sciences of Ukraine"

Implemented by: PhD,Associate Senior Researcher of the Pathomorphology Lab


Present research is devoted to the improving of the diagnostics in patients with chronic pancreatitis. An integrated approach based on the modern methods of computer morphometry and immunohistochemistry allowed to increase the representativeness of histological studies and identify the most informative criteria for morphological assessment, and to assess the impact of the fibrous transformation in the course of chronic pancreatitis development on the structural components of the pancreas.

Objective: To determine the patterns of morphological and functional changes in the insular apparatus of the pancreas at the different stages of its fibrous transformation in chronic pancreatitis.

The novelty of scientific results: novel scientific data has been obtained on the quantitative characteristics of pancreatic islet apparatus against the background of its fibrous transformation and their dependence on the volume of acinar, connective and fatty tissue has been analyzed in chronic pancreatitis. It has been determined that the rearrangement of pancreatic islet apparatus in response to fibrous transformation at the initial stages of chronic pancreatitis starts from the reduction of reduce relative amount of insulin-producing β-cells in the islets, which leads to a significant increase in the ratio of α-cells to β-cells and distribution change in all islet cells. For the first time in chronic pancreatitis the basic ways of regeneration has been analyzed in human pancreatic islets and on the experiment material with the participation of several mediators of tissue repair process, the implementation of evidence obtained neyrogenin-3 mediated embryonic way of progenitor cells nezidiogenesis.

Obtained data allows optimizing the chronic pancreatitis diagnostics, influence the choice of the method of its treatment and help more accurately predict the effectiveness of treatment, the severity of the disease and the possibility of complications.

2 declarative patents has been issued based on materials of  research. Total number of publications - 19. The number of citations in Scopus - 2.