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Spatial modeling of the influence landfill on the components environments using remote sensing methods and gis

Work number - M 44 FILED

Presented by theInstituteofTelecommunicationsandGlobalInformationSpace, National Academy of Sciencesof Ukraine.

Author:Novokhatska N. A.


The aim is to develop a landfill inventory technology, spatial modeling methodology for evaluation of pollution zone environmental and technical systems with structural core dump and forecasting environmental impact of waste stockpiled at the main components of the environment through thematic decoding of satellite images and the use of geographic information system capabilities.

In the course of the work, the author proposed a system of monitoring the state of the environment and man-caused environmental security in the zone of influence of landfills for effective decision-making on waste management with solutions for environmental management and the prevention of environmental emergencies. Developed a method for detection and identification of landfills, based on remote sensing of the Earth. Created the database of characteristics of landfills in different classes and database reference objects with those of landfills for municipal solid waste, which are certified and have a monitoring system. Synthesized spatial mapping model inventory of landfills by means of geoinformation systems, by processing and analyzing information obtained by the methods of space monitoring and hydrogeological data. Built a predictive model of the zone of influence during the emergency, namely volley leakage of leachate from the pond, through spatial modeling. Mathematical simulation of the migration flow and the impact of pollutants on groundwater, hydrogeological built predict the impact of landfills. The regularities of the concentration distribution of groundwater pollution in the zone of influence of the landfill.

The results of the studies were used in the formation of the registry of landfills in the Kiev region and when planning sanitary cleaning of human settlements Kiev region in the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Kiev regional state administration.

Publications: 18, including Articles 5 (1 - foreign edition), 10 - materials in the collections of scientific papers international scientific conferences in Ukraine and 3 - abroad.