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А series of works “Spectroscopy of thermal multicomponent plasma of electric arc discharge with copper admixture”


Author: Boretskij V.F.

Represented by National Taras Shevchenko University

The series of works are devoted to the study of plasma thermodynamical state of electric arc discharge between copper electrodes in a gas flow.

Plasma parameters were investigated by optical emission and linear laser absorption spectroscopy techniques. The plasma temperature was determined by Boltzmann plot method using copper atom spectral lines. The radial profiles of electron density in plasma were determined from the half-width of spectral lines, broadened by dominate quadratic Stark effect. Spatial distribution of copper atom concentration in plasma was determined by linear laser absorption spectroscopy technique.

Air, argon and carbon dioxide flows were used as working gases. Investigation in air flow showed that with working gas flow changes plasma temperature behavior can be used for estimation of natural convection flow. The values of temperature and electron density were used for the calculation of plasma composition assuming LTE. The results of calculation were used for estimation of plasma thermodynamical state. It was shown, that gas flow of 6 l/min does not effect on the plasma state deviation from LTE at arc current 3.5 and 30 A.

It was found self-reversal of several copper atom spectral lines with increasing of arc current up to 50 and 100 A. It was suggested to take into account spectral line profile parameters for estimation of their self-absorption in plasma of electric arc discharge. Selection of absolute values of copper atom lines spectroscopic data was carried out on the base of level population behavior at Boltzmann plot.

The results of selection of CuI spectroscopic data and estimation of self-absorption in spectral lines were used in determination of plasma parameters. It was found that plasma state of electric arc discharge in carbon dioxide flow of 6 l/min is in LTE only at arc current 3,5 A, and at arc current 30, 50 and 100 A is not in equilibrium. Calculation of plasma composition was carried out using two temperature model. It was found that dissociation of both molecules CO2 and CO is not in equilibrium.

This series of works consists of 43 papers published between 2007-2012., including 15 articles in scientific journals and 28 proceedings and abstracts papers of Ukrainian and International Conferences (6 of them are in SCOPUS (h-index 2) and more than 20 in Google Scholar).

The total number of author’s publications is 27 scientific papers (13 are in SCOPUS, the total number of cites 15, h-index 2), 79 proceedings and abstracts of conferences.