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А series of the work on the topic:«Economics»

Work number - П 4 FILED

1.Аtextbook«Enterpriseinformation systems and technology»

Authors:V.L. Pleskach, T.G.Zatonatska

2.Аtextbook«Electronic commerce»

Authors: V.L. Pleskach, T.G.Zatonatska

The following textbooks series have been submitted for the State Prize of Ukraine in 2016 in the field of science and technology.

These series include two textbooks which were published in the editions of 300 and 2,000 copies, respectively, which were approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and widely recognised by the public. They have been used in the educational process at Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University for more than five years.

The above mentioned textbooks are designed for bachelor and master students who major in IT and economics.

The textbook "Information systems and technologies at enterprises", which has ten chapters, outlines the most important features of modern information systems and technologies at enterprises in the fast-developing information society, as well as analyses their role in the process of enterprise informatization.

The textbook features the decision-making and intellectual data analysis systems, as well as the perspectives of using information systems and technologies in economic activities, the main directions in the intellectualization of modern information systems and the usage of modern web technologies at enterprises.

The textbook "E-commerce" consists of ten chapters which cover main directions in the development of electronic commerce, namely, the establishment and development of the e-economy, Internet payment and financial systems, Internet security and data protection in e-commerce, Internet marketing, electronic support for the consumers of e-commerce goods and services, electronic markets with the usage of the Internet and web technologies, virtual enterprises, organizational and technological basis and the prospects of using e-commerce in the future.