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А series of the work "Regularities wave-vortical processes in continuum"

Work number - P 9 AWARDED



BoykoV.V., Kopachevsky  N.D., Maderich V.S.,Meleshko V.V., Nikishov V.I., Selezov I.T., Khomitsky V.V., Cherkesov L.V.



Submitted by the Institute of Hydromechanics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. 

A series of the scientific works contains 10 monographs and 47 scientific papers that have been published during 50 years.  

        Aseriesofworksisdevotedtothedevelopmentof newandelaborationofexistingtheories, computingmethodsandfulfillmentofphysicalmodelingofwaveandvorticalprocesses.The theories of fluid flow have been developed and basic regularities have been found that connected with the generation and propagation of surface and internal waves, their interaction with slopes and topographical features of bed.

         The models have been created and new fundamental results have been obtained about wave processes at the presence of magnetic field. The effect of fluid stratification on internal waves in bounded reservoir as well as the influence of capillary forces on fluid positioning and surface waves in containers in zero-gravity have been studied theoretically. Classification diagrams of types of motion of thermal and electrical conductive fluid at the presence of body force effect have been designed. New results on the subject of the problems of aerohydroelasticity, wave biohydrodynamics have been obtained.    

        A series of works contains the priority results of the investigations of generation and behavior of longitudinal and horseshoe-shaped vortices in boundary layer of moving bodies. The relationships describing the regular and chaotic behavior of vortical structures have been found.

           Authors of work have developed and realized series of technical proposals for protection of hydraulic structures and near-shore regions from action of waves and currents, the estimations of the level of seismic safety of buildings at anthropogenic explosions have been elaborated.

The results of investigations have been expounded in 57 publications, including 10 monographs (incl. 3 publishedabroad), 47 papersinreviewedjournals(incl. 18 foreign). Novelty and competitiveness of engineering solutions have been protected by 2 inventor's certificates, 2 National standards of Ukraine. Overall citing index of publications is 961(database SCOPUS), h-index=24.As a whole, 38 monographs and approximately 900 scientific papers have been published, 14 patents, 2 National Standards, 2 State Building Rules, 1 atlas have been got.