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А series of the work «GEOLOGY»


Authors:   S.A.Vyzhva, A.P.Gozhik, M.V.Kurylo, O.I.Lukienko, V.A.Mykhaіlov, I.I.Onyshchuk, M.I.Tolstoy, V.V.Shevchuk, V.V.Shunko



Nominated for the Ukrainian State Award in Science and Technology  in 2015


The presented series consists of the 7 books published in more than 300 copies,

approved by the Ministry of  Education and Science of  Ukraine, received a wide public recognition. They are used in the classrooms for two years.

A wide range of Geology - from common data of  structure, peculiarities of  the  development,   current concept of  the earth’s  crust to the detailed characteristics of the mineral resources  base of  metal, nonmetal minerals and  fossil fuels of Ukraine has been demonstrated in the textbooks; they contain an analysis of the major problems associated with the production of various kinds of minerals, their solutions and  prospects; they introduce the theory and practice of remote geophysical methods of searches of mineral deposits; they provide training of  specialists in search not only of ore, and the most important at the moment, fossil fuels.

Information, procedures, test questions and tasksin the textbooks are necessary and sufficient for the preparation of qualified specialists in research, increase and operation of  mineral resources  base of metal, nonmetal minerals and  fossil fuels of Ukraine.