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А series of the work "Field investigation of small-scale sea surface structure using remote sensing methods"

Work number - M 17 FILED


Yurovsky  Yu.Yu., Yurovskaya M.V.


А series of the work consists of 1 monograph, 12 scientific papers and 11 abstracts published during 6 years.

New methods of ocean remote sensing using optical and radio sensors are proposed.

A new approach to the estimation of short wind wave spectra using stereo photo imaging is developed and adopted in field conditions. Spectra obtained by this method are used for absolute calibration of the slope spectra that were calculated from the same parts of the images. It is shown that establishment of relationship between radar backscattering intensity and geometrical properties of breaking wind waves can be a base for the development and refining of radiophysical models of the sea surface that can be used to study physical processes in the sea upper layer.

Results of the series of works are important for theoretical description of the sea surface dynamics, new models of ocean-atmosphere interaction, introduction and development of novel approaches to the aeroborne and spaceborne ocean remote sensing.

Results of the studies on the topic of the work are published in 1 monograph, 12 scientific papers (including 3 papers in foreign journals) and 11 abstracts, total citations – 12 (following Scopus), h-index = 2.


 Total number of publications – 24.