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А series of the work " Diffraction-optimized original compact broadband antennas for a new generation of communication systems"

Work number - M 13 FILED

Author: KhruslovM.M.

Presented by theO.Ya.Usikov Institute forRadiophysics and Electronics NAS Ukraine

The cycle consists of themonographs _0_, scientific papers _7_;scientific papers published during _8_ years.

The thesis is devoted to the establishment of regularities in the formation of radiation of the monopole radiator and the dielectric disc radiator taking into account the diffraction effects that occur at the edges of radiating apertures.

It has been found that the diffraction effects in the case of a quarter-wave monopole radiator cause the oscillating dependencies of the resonant frequency and the angle of maximum radiation on the ground plane size. At the same time, the diffraction effects are reduced using the three-quarter wave monopole located in the free space. It has been shown that the diffraction effects that occur at the boundaries of dielectric layer with the monopole radiator inside are responsible for the multi-frequency mode of its operation.  It has been determined that in the dielectric disk radiator two types of oscillations with different electromagnetic field distributions in the inductive region as the "disk resonator" or the "space wave lattice" are excited depending on the grounded dielectric substrate size. The correlation between the efficiency of cylindrical monopole radiator and the size of central hole in the ground plane has been shown. The original monopole radiators as the cylindrical monopole radiator in the dielectric  environment with the L-shape ground plane and the dielectric disk radiator with the complicated ground plane have been proposed. The practical recommendations for designing the monopole based radiating systems  have been elaborated.

The series of scientific papers consists of 33 scientific works, including a chapter in the book, 7 articles in professional journals with non-zero impact factor and 25 abstracts at international conferences, 16 of them in the international database SCOPUS, and has 3 citation, h-index = 1.


  The total number of publications is 36.