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The series of the Textbooks

Work number - П 5 FILED

«General cytology and histology»and«The Fundamentalsof the theoryof Evolution»

Authors:PhD, Professor, Dzerzhynsky Mykola Eduardovich,

PhD, Professor, Ostrovska Galyna Vitaliivna,

PhD, Associate Professor, Skrypnyk Nataliia Viacheslavivna,

PhD, Associate Professor, Garmatina Sofia Myhailivna,

PhD, Associate Professor, Pazjuk Ljubov Myhailivna,

PhD, Associate Professor, VarenjukIgor Mykolayovich,

PhD, Associate Professor, Pustovalov Andrey Serhiyovich,

PhD, Associate Professor, Voronina Olena Kostyantynivna.

Presented for the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology in 2015.

The present cycle includes two textbooks that are approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for students of medical and biological specialties of higher education institutions, they are widely accepted in the scientific and academic circles, and at least two years are used in the educational process.

Textbooks cycle covering a wide range of biology - from the principles of structural and functional organization of cells and tissues to basics origin and development of life on Earth, the evolutionary processes from prokaryotes to complex multicellular eukaryotic organisms; they include a detailed analysis of the mechanisms that underlie the functioning of cells and tissues under normal and pathological conditions, the principles of organization of cells in tissues; they acquaint students with the basic cytological and histological techniques that are widely used in experimental and clinical studies; set out the foundations of the modern theory of evolution, speciation, analysis of modern ideas about the evolution of ecosystems and ecosystem, anthropogenesis.

Modern scientific information in the textbooks is illustrated with colored micro-photographs, figures, diagrams and tables; test questions, tasks and goals are necessary and sufficient to improve the quality of student education of qualification levels "Bachelor" and "Master" of biological specialties in universities.