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А series of scientific works "Resonant and coherent effects of quantum electrodynamics in the strong laser fields"

Work number - M 23 AWARDED


Lebed' O.A., Levytska O.O., Nedoreshta V.M., Tsybul'nik V.O.


A series of scientific works  consists of 1 monograph, 1 chapter in the book of foreign publishing, and 11 scientific articles published during the eight years.


Fundamentals of the theory of relativistic effects of the strong external light field on general processes of quantum electrodynamics were developed.

Series of fundamental results were obtained, namely, processes of the second order in the fine-structure constant in the pulsed light field (bremsstrahlung of an electron scattered by a nucleus, photoproduction of an electron-positron pair on a nucleus, scattering of an electron by a muon, the Compton effect) had been first studied theoretically. It was ascertained that resonant cross sections of these processes exceed considerably corresponding cross sections in the external field absence. The effect of anomalous amplification of the laser field in scattering of a nonrelativistic electron in the field of the moderately strong wave of arbitrary polarization was first revealed.

The scientific innovation consists in accounting of the pulsed nature of the external field and studying of the new regularities and effects that arises here. The approximation of the quasimonochromatic wave, if the number of field oscillation during the pulse width is large, is considered.

The results of the series of scientific works are important for solving the problem of experimental verification of quantum electrodynamics in the strong fields. The results can be used in IAP NASU, ITF NASU, Kiev National University named by Taras Shevchenko, NSC " KIPT " NASU, Kharkiv National University named by V.N. Karazin, National Research Nuclear University " MiFi ", Moscow Physical-Technical Institute, Brookhaven National Laboratory (USA), Stanford SLAC accelerator complex and at other research centers.


Results of study on the topic of the work are outlined in 1 monograph, 1 chapter in the book of foreign publishing, 11 papers (including 11 in foreign journals), 12 abstracts. The works of authors are cited by more than 5 scientific journals, the general index of citing articles is 125(according to Scopus  database),h-індек =21.


Total number of publications of authors: 25.