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A series of scientific papers «Scientific bases of environmentally sound and economically justified natural resource use in the conditions of agrolandscape and climatic limitations»

Work number - P 19 FILED

Submitted by Public Institution «Institute of Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine».

The purpose of this study was to formation scientific bases of environmentally sound and economically justified natural resource usein the conditions of agrolandscape and climatic limitations.

Scientific novelty of theresearch results: modern model of economically justified and environmentally sound environmental management with a focus on the use of natural resources as a source of filling the State Budget and the basis of financial self-sufficiency of local communities, based on the implementation of various forms public-private partnership, is proposed by authors, methodological tools for evaluating the effectiveness of natural resource use in administrative-territorial entity are developed, proposals forestablishing special natural resource use payments and environmental tax rates are substantiated.

Scientific andpractical importance submitted series of scientific papers: institutional environment for implementation forms of water and forest resources use is formed, mechanism of formation infrastructure of land market in the conditions of deepening institutional transformations in the system of land relations is offered, mechanism of regulation ofraw wood market is designed, directions increasing of water, forest and land resources potential in the conditions of agrolandscape and climatic limitations based on introduction modern experience of developed countries are justified.

Practical implementation of research results was held by author's submitting scientifically justified legislative proposals, informational and analytical materials and recommendations for the improvement of regulatory legal acts and government programs, system of natural resource use payments, involvement of additional sources of filling the State Budget, making of state environmental policy in conditions of decentralization of power and climate and agrolandscape changes to state and local authorities all levels.

Total number of publications: theseries of scientific papers were printed in 70 monographs, 50 textbooks, manuals and reference books, 280 articles in national and international scientific journals (10 of them – in scientometric database Scopus) and 258 legislative proposals during 1989–2013. According to this issue 9 doctoral dissertations and 25 PhD theses are defended.