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The series of scientific papers "Rural territories of Ukraine in the period of economic transformations: problems and ways to ensure the development"


Authors: Krupin V. Y., Maksymenko A. O., Pelehatyy A. O.

Presented by the Institute of Regional Researches of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The goal of the seriesof scientific papers is the analysis of current trends in development of rural territories of Ukraine in the context of structural rearrangement and economic transformations, substantiation of theoretical and methodological thesis on ensurement of the ways of development of rural territories of Ukraine considering the foreign experience; detection of existing reserves to support financial self-sufficiency of rural territorial communities and formation of polyfunctionality of rural territories; definition, in the context of transformation to market economy, of the changes in consumption behavior of rural population, as the factor of activization of development of local and remote markets of goods and services.

Scientific noveltyof the presented series lies in development of contemporary theoretical and methodological approaches towards development of rural territories, based of definition of the peculiarities of their functioning in current economic conditions, considering the influence of transformational processes.

The work differs from domestic and foreign analogues by the complex approach towards solution of objectives of economic development of rural territories. Developed by the authors direction of scientific researches stresses upon implementation of innovational approaches to management of rural territories’ development with the goal to intensify the socio-economic processes and increase their efficiency, based on formation of polyfunctionality of rural communities, optimization of their financial strength and support of economic self-sustenance, development of informational infrastructure.

Practical meaning of these results is mirrored through the prepared documents, oriented towards the development of rural territories. The effect from implementation of thesis in the series on the level of state and regional authorities lies in optimization of management of rural territories’ development, more efficient solution of existing problems of domestic villages and formation of preconditions for their sustainable development based on polyfunctionality.

Resultsofresearchontheissuearepublishedin_5_ collectivemonographs, __33__ articles(including_6in foreign journals), _33_ articles based on conference speeches, _3_ scientific-analytic reports and brochures.

The total quantity of authors’publications– 120.