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Series of engines and aggregates for special equipment


Authors: Ткаchuk М.А., Кravchenко S.О., Belov M.L., Sheyko O.I., Demidenko V.I., Dyachenko S.S.,

Posvjatenko Е.К., Goncharov V.G.

National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

The objectiveis to develop of scientific and technological bases for increasing of resource and ensuring of strength, durability, high technical and performance characteristics of series engines and aggregates for special equipment by creating and implementing of range of technologies for strengthening of working surfaces in contacting details.

Scientific noveltyof presented work is that based on set-theoretic approach new concept and methods are proposed for resource increasing for series of engines and special equipment by creating new technologies for strengthening their detail's surface, as well as in solving of such fundamental and applied problems:

1. Development of concept of generalized parametric modeling of complicated mechanical systems with fuzzy criteria, analysis of process and synthesis of new strengthening technologies for resource increasing of series of engines and aggregates of special equipment.

2. Material, modes and parameters for strengthening processes are scientifically grounded for developed methods of discrete strengthening corunding, cold plastic deformation and ion bombardment with the creation of micro nanostructure.

3. Design and technological solutions are scientifically grounded in creating and repairing of engines and aggregates for special equipment.

Scientific and practical importanceof the work is to develop fundamentally new technical solutions to ensure high strength and resource for details of heavy-loaded couples of engines and aggregates of special equipment. A range of methods of strengthening is developed and put into manufacturing (production and maintenance) of special equipment that, compared with traditional considerably (2-4 times) increase resource, strength and stability. A method for amplification of each of these methods, which are combinations of a much greater effect than from everyone. This has the effect of simultaneously improving all tribomechanical characteristics of friction pairs. Thus, for the forced engine crankshaft resource increased by 40% and production costs reduced to 70%; resource in cylinder-piston increases in 3–4 times at corunding; level of structural strength of products reinforced with ion bombardment gives details of the mechanical characteristics increase to 40%. A similar effect was seen to other types of military and civil engineering. A number of engines for military and civilian technology with enhanced features was created and developed including  repair: KamAZ-740, 10D100, D80, D49 and aggregates of special equipment.

The economic effect of implementation is 970.0 million UAH per year.

Materials of this work are contained in over 200 publications, including 10 books, textbooks and manuals. 50 patents and copyright certificates are received, including 5 international ones. The results published in reports of 160 conferences. in 10 publications in newspapers and magazines, in 7 TV reports. 5 Doctoral theses and 35 Candidate theses are defended. 12 scientific research works and 27 commercial contracts and international grants were executed.