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Scientific, technological, organizational and promotional basis for the creation of a new instrument complex stabilizing arms lightly armored vehicles


Authors:AM. Bezvesilna, Kvasnikov VP, Klimenko OI, Malyarova SP, Ponomarenko AI, Seabrook LV, Tsiruk VH, VV Chikovani.

Objective:Development of new methods and technologies, modernization and mass production system stabilizing arms lightly armored equipment. 

Developed stabilizer arms designed for automatic guided weapons unit in horizontal and vertical planes when firing against ground and air targets, fast maneuvering and at lower speeds when shooting ATGMS, as well as interaction with the fire control perimeter structural elements of the product unit arms.For the first time in Ukraine created a full cycle of development, testing, production guidance and stabilization of complex weapons that allowed our country to solve the actual problem and improve the accuracy of alertness and exit both the domestic and the world market with high-tech, competitive products.

A fundamentally new way to improve the accuracy and reliability of the stabilizer arms, which is unique in the world, and new technology for the production mechanical assembly engineering companies. For the first time in the world, a new all-digital Coriolis vibratory gyroscope with a metal resonator high quality factor, the sensor element which is made of only national materials. On tactical characteristics developed stabilizer considerablybroadens the fighting capabilities of light armoured military equipment. It takes place owing more precision-guiding and stabilizing on a target, lightens for a crew of turret controlling as well as provide any re-homing on the same target after every shout.

The new technology design and manufacturing arms stabilizers for light armored vehicles, including - principles of organization and technological design guidance systems operational reliability. Mastered new technologies of electronics based on the most advanced high-performance programmable processors which is the base for creating new classes of guidance systems, which can significantly improve the accuracy, control and intelligence system restore and stabilize weapons.Over 100 new stabilizers complexes are composedon armoured personnel carriers (BTR-4) and used in ATO-Zone. In generally more than 250 such complexes are developed and implemented in military services of Ukraine and abroad.

The main scientific and technological results of the research project are published in 24 monographs, 12 books, 270scientific articles including 22international publications and 33 scientific articles in SCOPUS. The total number of quotations – 315, citations of authorities – 85, h-index – 5. Research results are protected with 29 author's certificates and national and international patents.On the subject of the research project were writing 24 habilitation and 10 doctoral theses.