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Scientific substantiation of drip irrigation technologies of agricultural crops

Work number - M 43 AWARDED

Authors:Shatkovsky A.P. Cherevychnyy Y.O.


The purpose of the workis the development of scientific and methodological foundations and scientific substantiation of the parameters of drip irrigation technology of agricultural crops.

The scientific significance of the workis the development of the theory and methods of drip irrigation operative management on the basis of instrumental and ensuring complexes, the theory of crop yield programming of on irrigated lands in terms of optimal water supply for plants, as well as improving the methodology of launching and conducting field research.

For the first time for the conditions of drip irrigation in the Steppe Ukraine:

- the features of irrigation regimes and crop water consumption were determined depening on the antecedent soil water;

- the mathematical dependencies (statistical models) «Water consumption – Yield» were made;

- the mechanism of formation of production processes and the productivity of agricultural crops depending on the humidity level were established.

Implementation of the developments. In accordance with the «Conceptions of the Drip Irrigation’s Development in the Ukraine», worked out by the authors, the potential need for the implementation of this irrigation’s method of is over 250 thousand hectares. Today, due to the scientifically research’s results of the authors, the areas of the drip irrigation is about 70 thousand hectares.

Developed on the basis of experimental data «Temporary water requirements for the drip irrigation of agricultural crops» are used in the Office of the North-Crimean Canal when effecting the contracts for water supply services when water assessment devices are not available. Developed «Methodical recommendations for conducting field research when using drip irrigation» are used by the scientific staff of the institutes within NAAS, which carry out the experimental research under the conditions of drip irrigation.

Technical-and-economic indexesof the developments comply with the best foreign analogues. The economic effect of the implementation of the drip irrigation technologies is more than 700 million UAH.

The results of theresearch are published in 250 scientific works, including by the subject of the work were published 6 monographs, educational guidance, 150 articles (7 - in foreign publications), 26 abstracts. The total number of references to authors' publications is 2 (according to the SCOPUS database), h-index = 1 and 110 (according to the Google Scholar database), h-index = 5,7 patents of Ukraine on a utility model and the certificate of copyright’s registration for work were obtained.