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Scientific begrounding and installation in production of innovations methods to increase of sizes of high quality milk and beef production in Ukraine

Work number - P 16 FILED

Authors:GnoevyyV.I., IbatullinI.I., GolovkoV.O., KandybaV.M., TrishinO.K., GnoevyyI.V., SavchenkoY, I., KulykM.F., KyslychenkoV.S., BugayovV.D.


The work has been presented to compete for the state award of Ukraine in the field of science and technique


The significant problem of the state importance has been solved in the work. It is connected with the development of the system of the stable and proper provision of highly productive beef and dairy cattle by feeds and the rational use of feeds by all-year-round monotype feeding.

The scientific principles and methodology have been developed to form stable feed basis of full-value by using main fodder crops, their new sorts and by the use of new technologies of fodder crop growing as well as the new standards and cattle feeding technologies developed by the authors of the above work.

The innovation system of feeds provision and all-year-round monotype feeding of highly productive beef and dairy cattle has been developed and introduced into practice. The above system  has allowed to stabilize the number of highly productive beef and dairy cattle in Ukraine and greatly increase the productivity of cattle in compliance with the European standards.

The world standard has been proved by the main performances and the parameters of the new standards of highly productive beef and dairy cattle feeding, the results of economic activities of the farms in Kharkiv, Vinnitsa and other regions of Ukraine where the innovation system of the stable production of feeds and their rational use were introduced. Thus, on 01.01.2015 there were 53 farms in Kharkiv region, where 24500 were kept and the average milk yield was 7457 kg of high quality milk per a year. On 12 farms the gross output of milk for the whole year 2014 was 5000 tons and more.

The economic efficiency from the introduction. The .average annual economic efficiency from the introduction of the above scientific principles on the farms of Ukraine for the period from 1996 to 2013 was about 5,54 mlrd. hryvnas.

The scientific results of the work were presented in 38 monographs, reference books and textbooks, 69 recommendations to the producers and in more than 360 articles. The novelty and competitiveness of the technical solutions was defended by 119 author’s certificats and patents. Two Doctor’s and 14 Candidate’s degree dissertations have been defended on the above themes.