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Savigs –resourse соmpositon building materials and structural systems for the construction of housing and infrastructure

Work number - P 9 FILED

The workis devoted to the creation of theoretical, experimental and methodological foundations of modern building materials and structural systems for the construction of housing and infrastructure.

The authors have developed the physico-chemical and thermodynamic basics for the synthesis of minerals and their hydration to produce artificial stone with predetermined properties. The authors also have developed the concepts of colloid chemistry and physico-chemical mechanic of mineral binders and composite materials.

The methods of  hardening intensification of mineral binders and composite materials, the multi-parameter design methodology for their composition, the technological aspects of disperse substances using, including those of technogenic origin, to obtain materials with improved performance characteristics are developed.

The new competitive materialsare created: modified mineral binders, including special; mortars and concretes with improved operating characteristics, including with high water resistance, crack resistance, electric corrosion resistance, etc.; dry mixes a wide range of applications.

The scientific foundations and methodology of calculation of reinforced concrete structures on complex types of deformations, variant design of buildings of them are created.

The energy-efficient without capital-beamless carcass construction system of multistorey buildings for affordable housing, the new technology of construction of its foundations and artificial bases in difficult engineering-geological conditions, the corresponding state regulatory framework are developed. This reduced the cost of 1m2 of housing up to 40% and the duration of the construction doubled.

Designedresource-and  energy-saving composite materials, structural systems based on them are introduced in the production and servicing facilitiesof affordable housingand infrastructure. Resulting from the introduction of research findings economic effect exceeded 226 million UAH.

The total number of publicationson the research subject:

-                  monographs – over 30; papers and printed reports in science journals, collections of research papers, and conference proceedings − over 2200, of which 55 have been published in international journals included in thescientometrical SCOPUS database. Also, over 45 textbooks and tutorial aids were published.

the novelty and competitiveness of technical solutions have been protected by over 150 inventor’s certificates and invention patents. Research results have been defended by seven doctoral and thirty-five candidate of science the