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Resource-saving technologies of production of textile, clothes and footwear

Work number - P 3 AWARDED

Submitted to the Kiev National University of Technologies and Design


Authors: Shcherban V. Yu., Pipa, B. F., Chaban V. V., Shcherban, Yu. Yu., Kaplun V. V., Zdorenko V. G., Chervoniuc O. K., ChubukovаO. Yu.

The aim of this work is to increase the productivity of technological equipment and quality of let outproducts, export possibilities and reduce import dependency in the textile, clothing and footwear industries.

Base conceptual principles which consist in application of approach of the systems to the decision of problem on creation of the new saving resources are formulated, power effective technologies which allowed to promote reliability of work of textile, sewing and shoe complexes of Ukraine on the issue of materials and wares with new properties from domestic raw material at growth of the productivity and quality.

Theoretically well-founded, developed and implemented new, original technological processes of making textiles, as household and technical purposes (for laying pipes of gas and oil pipelines from the factory with an insulating coating, for the manufacture of filters for coal and sugar industries), constructions of mechanisms in sewing, knitting and weaving machines to their working parts (knitting needles, wedges, and platinum) based on the optimization (minimization) their geometrical dimensions and prevent manufacturing defects (cross-banding, planting material in the stitching of textiles and leather), expansion of technological capabilities through the use of various raw materials, actuators and devices for reducing the dynamic loads, automated cutting of natural and artificial leather for manufacturing shoes with minimization of waste, control device thermal condition of electrical equipment and systems for autonomous power supply.

To order of command of ground forces of Ukraine, jointly with the national academy of ground forces of Ukraine by him. hetman Peter Sagaydachnogo, on the code of «TEKSTIL-B» research work is executed on creation of textile materials of perspective battle equipment of servicemen of ground forces of Military Powers of Ukraine.

The overall economic efficiency of introduction of resource-saving technologies of production of textile, clothing and footwear more than 140 enterprises and firms makes 2,65 billion hryvnas.

According to the results published 2849 scientific papers, including 47 monographs and 50 textbooks and manuals, the encyclopedia of sewing production. 983 articles are published, on  a database Google Shcolar a general amount of Refs.s  is 558, h-index (on work) = 18.

About the world level of the conducted researches, 105 patents of Ukraine  and 5 foreign patents;  within the framework of research were defended 19 doctoral and 48 PhD theses.