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Psychoculture and Interaction in the context of the expansion of information technology in the aviation industry

Work number - M 86 AWARDED

Authors: PonomarenkoI.I., NovakT.V., BychkovaT.S.

This work presented by the National Aviation University.

The aim of this work is- defining characteristics by transformation of interaction and psyhoculture in the aviation industry in terms of the expansion of information technology and develops recommendations for improvement of business professionals in complex operators systems.

Scientific novelty.Most significant problem is that under conditions the expansion of information technology, aviation industry has gained a new level of development.Technology has become so computerized and "right", which is able to perform many tasks without involving pilots. Under such circumstances, arises the question about the ability of pilots really get the skills and experience of piloting without the aid of computer technology. Regarding the development of unmanned aircraft, arise the question about training operators that control data of technical means, their features interact with each other, their psyhoculture. Appear the question of the relationship psyhoculture and qualifications.

Exactly these characteristics, that exist at present, are contribute changing and transformation as interactions so psyhoculture individual involved in the activity of complex operators systems, such as socio-technical systems.

The practical significance.Materials recommended for work which performed for scientific research when working with aviation industry experts in the learning process as with the future operator activity specialists and psychologists involved in the process of training specialists aviation sector, in practice psychologist and operator ergodic complex (technical ) systems, as well as during professional training.


The authors have published 40 scientific works, namely Ponomarenko Y.I. - 22 works, Novak T.V. - 11 works, Bychkova T.S. - 9 works. In particular, by this subject of work there was published 6 articles in scientific journals,  and 16 abstracts which published in International and national conferences.