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Providing operability of lengthy industrial objects under long-term operating environment impact

Work number - P 23 FILED

Presented byTernopil Ivan Pul’uj National Technical University

Authors:ZotsenkoMykolaLeonidovych, MaruschakPavloOrestovych, PoberezhnyiLyubomyrYaroslavovych, StukhlyakPetroDanylovych, BuketovAndriyViktorovych, StudentOleksandraZynoviyivna, ShevchukStepanProkopovych

Aim of the work– innovational strategy development for providing operability of lengthy industrial objects under long-term operating environment impact and its implementation with complex of assembly, diagnostic, expertise and technological actions.


Conception of safety and operability providing for lengthy industrial objects on all stages of their lifetime (including decommissioning) was proposed by authors based on theoretical researches. Special concept of monitoring and multiparameter geodynamical risk level assessment system in zones of various pipeline systems laying was proposed. Scientific basis for oil and gas long-term exploitation pipelines resource optimization and prolongation was created based on reliability increase of their technical state assessment.

Approaches for prognosis of safety exploitation resource and basic metal and welding joins durability under long-term corrosion environment impact were developed. Conceptual basis for material state assessment of pipeline systems in zone of strain localization and welding joints taking into account operating environment impact was formulated.

Proposed technological methods allow to diagnose material damage of lengthy industrial objects on micro-, meso- and macro-scale levels.

Technological and structural arrangements for resource prolongation of lengthy industrial objects were proposed on the basis of usage of innovative composite polymer protective coatings with controlled properties.

Obtained results represent a significant contribution to world heritage. Results have been implemented at construction, oil and metallurgical companies.

The economic effect from the implementation is 58.26 mill. grn.

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