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Physical-chemical basis of obtainment of composite materials based on calcium phosphates and biocidal polymers for medicine

Work number - M 50 FILED


Kuznetsov V.N., Trofimenko Y.V.


Presented by the Institute of Applied Physics of NAS of Ukraine.


The series of scientific works consists of 14 publications, including 8 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and 6 abstracts in proceedings of scientific conferences published over eight years.


The complex experimental researches of the crystal structure and microstructure of calcium-phosphate materials carried out in the current study allowed to receive new scientific results. The relation between crystallinity and microstructure of apatite coatings, obtained by the thermal deposition method on titanium substrates, and the temperature of the substrate was received at the first time. The dependences of the atomic ratio of calcium to phosphorus and the coating mass on the temperature, as well as the increase in the coating mass on the synthesis time, were obtained. On the basis of these dependences the optimal parameters of coatings production are established.

It was found that the increase of chitosan concentration in apatite-based composites leads to an increase of the amount of β‑tricalcium phosphate released after annealing. This confirms the presence of chemical interaction between chitosan and calcium phosphate during the crystallization process.

For the first time the novel method of estimation of carbonate quantity and its localization in apatite structure by means of thermoprogrammed extraction of gas sample with chromatographic registration was proposed and tested.

The obtained results allow the estimation of the influence of physicochemical factors on the crystal structure and microstructure of biomaterials based on apatite. Changes in the parameters of the crystal structure and microstructure of biomaterials lead to changes in their biomedical and mechanical properties. Systematization of quality and the degree of changes in properties of the crystal structure of calcium phosphates under the influence of physical and chemical factors contributes to the creation of biological products with the specified parameters: degree of solubility, mechanical strength, additional properties and the degree of biomimetically.

These results will allow us to get the latest biocompatible medical products with a wide range of properties that can be used in surgery, orthopedy and dentistry for treatment of various bone defects.