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BobyrovV.N., KresyunV.I., GodovanV.V., KazakL.I., KavaT.V., OstrovskaG.Yu., PetrovaT.A., RyabushkoN.N.

The tutorial provides the basic theoretical principles of pharmacology with regard to professional orientation and specificity of dental care. Tutorial created in accordance with the educational plan and program in pharmacology on specialty "Dentistry", with requirements of state standards and is the base for the preparation of competitive specialists on dentistry. 

The text consist of an introduction, 3 chapters that includes 18 sections, which propose the modern information about achievements of world and national history of drugs’ development, issues of general pharmacology, the current classification of pharmacological groups, compiled data on pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and pharmacotoxicological medications used in the practice of a dentist. A special, unique place in the publication is a schematic presentation of the mechanisms of action of drugs and their effects. Separately it is given the principles of pharmacotherapy of major dental diseases and the basiss of emergency care in dentistry.

The material covered in integration with other biomedical and clinical disciplines, offers optimal volume, structure, clarity, consistency and conciseness of presentation, graphic illustration, high level of graphic art. This allow to cover large and complex material discipline for a relatively short time of training.

The textbook corresponds innovative techniques, which is confirmed by the re-sults of international educational forums and exhibitions (Grand Prizes, medals, diplomas), and is a worthy contribution to the improvement of teaching methods of teaching pharmacology in higher medical schools of Ukraine.