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Optimization Methods and Computer Technologies for Modeling and Controlling of Information Processes and Systems

Work number - P 17 AWARDED

Authors: Bidyuk P.I., Kasyanov P.O., Kiseleva E.M., Krak Yu.V.,Kulyas A.I.,Lebedeva T.T., Semenova N.V., Stetsyuk P.I.

Presented by the V.M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The series of scientific works consists of 33 monographs and 405 scientific articles published within the period of 1973-2015.

The important problem of the science and technology on the development of system mathematical tool and information technologies for analysis, prediction and adaptive control of complex systems and information processes has been solved. The main achievements of the series of works include the following results: the creation of mathematical tools for qualitative and constructive investigation of nonlinear controlled processes and fields of different nature; general classes of Markov decision processes, the creation of mathematical tools for investigation of well-posednessand solvability of different classes of discrete optimization problems under multi-criteria conditions, the presence of perturbations, controllability and uncertainties of initial data; the creation of mathematical theory of continuous problems of optimal partitioning; the creation of mathematical modeling theory, the development of the classical theory of optimization of non-smooth convex functions on the basis of which new families of subgradient methods were built; optimal filtrationand optimal control by elements of large space structures; developing effective optimization methods for solving problems of state planning  and design of spatial kinematic schemes of manipulation robots, including methods of designing optimal structures of manipulation robot to perform the tasks of a particular class; developing unique information technology for modeling and studying Ukrainian sign language; creating automatic diagnosis system of marine power plants.

The obtained fundamental and practical results are on the level of world achievements in the field of modern highly efficient optimization methods, prediction and adaptive control, and in many cases they exceed the level of known research results in artificial intelligence for modeling complex processes and systems which were carried out by leading international and domestic institutions and specialists. They made a significant contribution to solving the most important applied problems, particularly in management and decision-making, in budgetary and macroeconomic planning and prediction, national security and military sciences, healthcare, business, object placement, designing complex technical systems and networks, creation of new computer technology and software for different purposes, computer information and communication technologies for modeling human intellectual activity and the creation of robotic systems. The novelty and the competitiveness of technical solutions are protected by 16 patents.

The research results are presented in 33 monographs and reviewed high rating journals, including 209papers are published in journals with impact factor. Citing articles, included in this series of works by different scientometric database are: over 359 according to Scopus, h-index is 9 by Scopus, over 1256according to Google Scholar Citation, h-index is 15, і10-index is 19.

11 doctoral and more than 55 PhD theses were defended on the subject of this series.