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New construction systems and technologies of their erection

Work number - P 1 FILED

Presented by: O.M. Beketov Kharkiv National University of Urban Economy

Authors: Babaiev V.M., Buhaievskyi S.O., Haidachuk V.V., Yevzerov I.D., Lantukh-Liashchenko A.I., Shevetovskyi V.V., Shanovskyi O.V., Shmukler V.S.


The aim of the paper is to develop methods, models, techniques and technologies for the complex resolution of issues of design, construction, reconstruction and operation of modern design systems.

The authors, based on theoretical studies and experiments, have determined procedures and techniques for adaptation of new energy principles of rationalization of constructions, methods of solving multi-extreme design and technological issues, methods of solving multicriteria issues of designing of constructions.

The scientific principles of the fundamental equations of the stress-strain state of elements of building structures in the function of time, the latest models of evaluation of the residual life of the used building structures and the patterns of concrete degradation in the elements of building structures have been created.

The basic conceptual foundations of the direct design method, which allows to construct the energy portrait of a design, have been formed.

Practical models of prediction of the life cycle of reinforced concrete elements of building structures, new fundamental models of mechanics of deformed solid, new effective methods of calculation of cable systems and methods of field tests of structures in terms of power and temperature impacts have been proposed.

New technologies of production of self-compacting concrete with a high level of tensile and technology of undecked formation of monolithic reinforced concrete hollow elements, based on shortcrete.

The results obtained comply with world developments in the field of construction.

New systems of lightweight structures made of prefabricated and monolithic reinforced concrete and steel reinforced concrete and technology of their erection, cableway systems of coatings, bridges, passes through natural and artificial obstacles have been introduced.

The economic effect of the implementation is UAH 26700 thousandsper year.

Number of publications: 412 including 29 monographs and textbooks, manuals, 309 articles (21 in foreign journals). According to the Google Scholar database, the total number of links is 1046, h-index (at work) = 12. Novelty and competitiveness of technical solutions is protected by 16 patents. 1 doctoral thesis and 18 candidate's theses have been defended on this topic.