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Morality and law as social regulators in the public and private legal relations

Work number - M 63 FILED

Lviv State University of Internal Affairs


Author: Yevkhutych Iryna

The purpose of the work is to analyze comprehensively the essence of morality and law as specific social phenomena and clarify their role in the sphere of public and private relations.

On the basis of a comprehensive study of the theoretical and legal aspects of the relationship and interaction of law and morality as social regulators, the essential grounds of the influence of these categories on the formation of social representations about the ways of transformations of modern society are found out, the scientific paradigm of the general theoretical jurisprudence concerning the actualization of studying of the categories of law and morals that gave the ability to determine the role of these social factors in formation of society and regulation of personality behavior is confirmed.

From the point of the theory of state and law, the interpretation of understanding and perception of morality and law as social regulators, institutionalization of their normativity in the context of formation a democratic, legal state with a developed civil society is emphasized. These phenomena are considered as important institutional factors which influence on the system of special ideas about the results of their interconnection and interaction connected  with the improvement of the processes of regulation of social relations, with the moral law-making content and law enforcement practice. The scientific and applied significance of the moral and legal influence on the establishment of the determinativevaluable principles of the development of democratic legal statehood with active civil society is examined; the value of pragmatic actions of the moral and legal mechanism for solving a number of practical tasks is proved.

In this connection, the importance of moral and legal influence on improving the law-making processes and the realization of law, the creation of a legislative framework that mustadmitthepresentrequirements is emphasized.

The theoretical and conceptual principles of the necessity of reforming the system of law enforcement bodies are analyzed, one of the ways of which should be the introduction of effective measures concerning the increasing of the effectiveness of the interaction of norms of law and norms of morality in the formation of legal consciousness, in the realization of powers of the National Police of Ukraine.

The main results of the research were introduced into the educational process (acts of introduction of the Lviv Commercial Academy dated November 12, 2013 No. 784 / 01-1.08, Lviv State University of Internal Affairs of December 21, 2015, No. 55, Lviv State University of Internal Affairs of October 24, 2017 No. 69) and used in practical activities (Act of the Preventive Activities of the State Enterprise of the State Enterprise in Lviv Oblast as of November 24, 2017 No. 6, Department of Preventive Activities of the State Enterprise of the State Enterprise in Lviv Oblast, dated 24.11.2017, No. 7, State Service of Ukraine for Affairs vet war veterans and anti-terrorism activists from 24.10.2017, No. 27).

Number of publications: 48, incl. 2 textbooks (1 stamped by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine), 3 textbooks, 1 textbook, 1 monograph, 1 reference book, 11 scientific articles (2 in foreign editions), 2 articles published in mass media.