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Molecular mechanisms of regulation of cells interactions

Work number - M 39 AWARDED

Presented by the Bogomolets institute of physiology NAS of Ukraine

Authors: Kyril Igorevich. Kuznetsov, Vyacheslav Borisovich Kulyk, SavotchenkoAlina Vladymirovna., Roman Vasilievich Janko

The aim is to establish the role of the molecular mechanisms of cell-cell interactions inregulating the activity of hippocampal neurons in normal and during seizures. Potentsialkerovanyh clarify the role of potassium channels in the transmission of visual signals from the retina to the central nervous system. Outline the molecular mechanisms of anesthesia induced by endogenous opioids at the peripheral nervous system. To study changes in functional activity of connective tissue of internal organs after exposure to exogenous melatonin dosage and normobaric hypoxia.

The authors based on theoretical studies and experiments, the role of endogenousneuraminidase induced epileptiform activity and plasticity of synaptic transmission in hippocampal neural networks. Described modulating effect of endogenous neuraminidase contained in the body, the nervous activity under normal conditions and in certain pathological conditions. The first time the role potentsialkerovanyh vysokoporohovyh potassium Kv3.1 / Kv3.2 channels in the modulation of calcium influx catfish ganglion cells of the retina. The connection between ĩ-opioid-receptors and R2H3 primary somatosensory neurons and the role and such a connection in the mechanism of analgesia induced by opioids.

A scientific basis in understanding the mechanisms involved in the processepileptohenezu, transmit visual signals from the retina to the central nervous system, pain relief endogenous opioids and melatonin exposure to hypoxia and physiological activity parenchyma cells of various organs.

Comparison with world analogues, is unique in the world.

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