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Models and methods of cyberprotection the confidential information in information-communication systems

Work number - M 54 AWARDED

The work is presented by National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute”

Authors: Progonov Dmytro Oleksandrovych, Yakovliev Serhii Volodymyrovych, Baranovsky Oleksiy Mykolayovych


The work is devoted to development of complex system for prevention the sensitive information leakage in critical information infrastructure by data exchange between users. For goal achievement there is developed conceptual framework for state agencies and private company’s sensitive information protection by message transmission between elements of critical information infrastructure.

There high-precision methods for revealing short-term alteration the statistical, correlation and fractal parameters of information flows were developed. These methods allow significantly improve accuracy user’s anomaly activity detection in communication systems by reducing the data processing time.

The new approach for revealing the hidden transmission of confidential information by message exchange between users in communications systems was proposed. The approach gives opportunity not only reliably (more than 0.95) disclosure hidden data (stego files) even in case of limited a priory information about used steganographic methods, but also determine effective destruction methods by minimization of cover file distortion.

There are established and rigorously proven the analytical bounds for the security against differential cryptanalysis for block ciphers, that include wide class of ciphers with SP-network structure such as national encryption standard DSTU 7624:2014 (“Kalyna” cipher). It is proposed generalized methodology of evaluation of the security against differential cryptanalysis for block ciphers with various structures that are used for communication protection in critical information infrastructure.

Findings of investigation are introduced in activity of VM Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of NAS of Ukraine, National Bank of Ukraine, Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, “Storm” special design bureau of Igor Sikorski Kyiv polytechnic institute, in educational process of Department of Physics and Information Security Systems, Department of Mathematical Methods of Information Security, Department of Information Security by Institute of Physics and Technology of Igor Sikorski Kyiv polytechnic institute.


Number of publications:94 published works, including 13 articles in science journals of Ukraine (7 in international science journals), 74 theses in the proceedings of international and all-Ukrainian science conferences. There are total 49 citations in Google Scholar database; h-index (Progonov D.) = 3, h-index (Yakovliev S.) = 1, h-index (Baranovsky O.) = 2.