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Models and algorithms of diagnosticating of technical objects with plural refuses (on the example of aviation engines)

Work number - M 71 AWARDED

Author: Nechiporuk O.P.

Submitted by the National Aviation University

This work is devoted to the scientific and technical problems of definition of multiple failures in complex industrial facilities. We found that such failure at the time of diagnosis can accumulate in different subsystems object controls have heterogeneous in nature and cause the effect of imposing consequences. It is proved that the identification of multiple failures requires the use of non-traditional methods of diagnosis, such as those used in expert systems.

In the work the Expert logical-linguistic model of diagnosing complex technical objects, which may have multiple failure. A procedure for constructing algebraic forms appropriate logical-linguistic model diagnostics, which provide the opportunity to apply for withdrawal of making efficient combinatorial algorithms. Developed and implemented a modified algorithm for solving the problem diagnosis on the basis of the expert models that implement a strategy aimed sorting options.

The proposed method is applied to the diagnostics of aircraft engines. A full-scale experiment to determine the combinations of basic failures in aircraft engines. A logical-linguistic experimental model for multiple failures in aircraft engines PS-90A and AI-25. Carried software implementation of the considered functional tasks.

The practical significance of the results is to enable the identification of combinations of basic failures in complex technical objects in terms of imposing their effects, reducing the length of time detection of failures, improving the accuracy of identification of type of failures and their place of origin, reducing costs for liquidation of consequences of failures in complex objects' site of, enhancing the reliability of aircraft and flight safety level by identifying multiple failures in aircraft engines.

These survey results are intended for use in the aviation industry. In addition, they can be used in other areas where there is a need of diagnosing complex technical objects with multiple failures at imposing their effects.

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