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Mobile tourist information technologies with safety recommender component

Work number - M 2 AWARDED

Nominated by private higher education institution "Bukovinian University"

 Authors: Vyklyuk Yaroslav Igorovych, Savchuk Valeria Volodymyrivna

The authors have developed an originalmethod of dynamic multimedia excursion guidance of tourists, which provides synchronization and playback of personally selected multimedia information in accordance with the planned route.

A new method of forming of a tours dynamic content based on the ontological approach was proposed. This method allows to form of excursion content in case a pre-planned tourist route is does not exist.

The authors suggested and described the architecture of the mobile tourist information system "Mobile information assistant of the tourist" (MIAT), that differs from existing analogues by the presence of user individual characteristics analysis module (character type, age, gender, education, personal preferences, etc.). It allows to provide the tourist with personalised support during his trip.

This investigation presents the functional and architectural features of system "MIAT" safety recommender component,  the main feature of which is to generate the list of safest tourist destinations on the selected travel period for the user, and recommendations on the potential hazards and methods of overcoming them if the user chooses to visit tourist destination, that is characterized by a high probability of dangerous situations. The component produces a forecast of natural disasters based on BigData, DataMining and cluster parallel calculations. They are based on the analysis of statistic data, that are got from satellite and Earth observation stations. They are such as parameters of solar activity, climate, temperature, and other.


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