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Military and civilian vehicles on the base of high-tech solutions for engines and aggregates

Work number - P 12 FILED

Authors: Ткаchuk М.А., Кravchenко S.О., Belov M.L., Shejko O.I., Frid A.Yu., Djachenko S.S., Posvjatenko Е.К., Goncharov V.G.

National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine


The objective is creation of new generation of vehicles for military and civil use with high tactical and technical characteristics (TTC) through the development and mass production to complete this technique advanced engines and components through the development and implementation of high-range of advanced technologies of strengthening of working surfaces in contacting details.

Scientific novelty of presented work consists in the fact that it based on set-theoretic approach new concepts and methods are offers to improve TTC of civil and military vehicles by providing power, strength and endurance series engines and units of military and civilian equipment based on new technologies of discrete and discrete-continuum strengthening of the friction surfaces of details, and ion bombardment and plastic deformation of material. Installed New physical effects are established of exposure to macro-objects - highly loaded details of military and civil engineering - changes the microstructure, which causes Nano-effects, which in turn have a positive effect on the characteristics of machine elements. Because of this the growth of tactical and technical characteristics of these machines is achieved.

Scientific and practical importance of the work consists in developing of fundamentally new technical solutions to ensure high TTC of  military and civil technics due to high reliability and service life of parts heavily steam engines and units of machines, reinforced by a created a new generation of technology, and on this basis: a number of high-tech strengthening methods is developed and put into production (manufacturing and repair) of military and civil technics, which, compared with traditional, significantly (in 2-3 times) increase resource, strength and durability, decrease in 1.5-2 times the friction loss and wear; proposed technology differs from known by methods and modes of surface conversion; their application, such as engine crankshafts forced, increases the lifetime by 40% while decreasing their cost of production to 70%; created and mastered the production of engines for military and civil technics with high TTC, including for modernization: 5TDFM series for heavy military vehicles "Bulat"; 10D100, D80, 5D49 and others for creating aggregates of self-contained power for strategic objects and diesel locomotives etc.

The economic effect of implementation is 970.0 million UAH per year.

As a result of series of works more than 230 scientific papers are published (among them 20 international), including more than 10 monographs and textbooks, 39 patents. 35 master's and doctoral theses are defended. Information about this work is contained in 160 presentations at conferences, 10 publications in newspapers and magazines, and 7 TV reports. 12 scientific research works and 27 commercial contracts and international grants were executed.