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Materials and technologies of structures in modern aircraft

Work number - P 28 AWARDED

Presented by Karpenko Physico-Mechanical Institute of NAS of Ukraine

Authors:OstashOrestPetrovych, FedirkoVictorMykolayovych, UchaninValentyn  Mykolayovych, Kotsyuba Olexander Anatoliyovych, Nechyporenko Olga Yuriyvna, Yushchenko Kostiantyn Andriyovych, Labur Tetiana Mychailivna, Bychkov AndrijSergiyovych

The aim of the study is to ensure the extended service life of aircraft by creation of the new structural materials and technologies of their connections, treatment and minimization of the operational degradation and material damage influence.

On the base of the theoretical and experimental investigations the methods for the extension of the reliable and safe operation of aircraft were substantiated. The underlying conceptual fundamentals for aircraft maintenance based on modern principles of damage tolerance were formed. A scientific basis of production technologies, treatment and connection of new aviation materials was created. Structural materials, technological instructions, procedures and means for eddy current inspection of materials and structural elements were implemented in practice. Results of the developments were realized on SE"ANTONOV", aircraft repair plants and other industrial enterprises of Ukraine. Some authors developments have no analogues or exceed the best foreign analogues. Results obtained in the study provided the basis for the extension of "AN" aircraft service life in averaging 1.5 times, which gave a comparative economic benefit 2016,97million US dollars, and direct – 184,30million US dollars.

Number of publications: 263, including 8 monographs, articles 255(56- in foreign journals). According to the Scopus database the total number the authors publications citations is 547, h-index (of the work) = 21; by Google Scholar database total number of links - is 1948, h-index (of the work) = 43. Novelty and competitive ability of the technical solutions were protected by 54patents. 6 Doctoral and 12 Ph.D. dissertations were prepared.