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Marriage and family in the Hetmanshchyni XVIII century

Work number - M 23 AWARDED

Higher Educational Establishment of Ukoopspilka «PoltavaUniversityof Economics and Trade».

Petrenko Iryna Mikolaivna.


The thesis deals with complex historic-social research of marriage-domestic relations in orthodox everyday culture of Hetmanshchyna  in the 18-th century. On the base of archive documents the author showed the influence of ecclesiastical, customary and temporal law on everyday marriage-domestic relations; cleared up their specific character. The influence of Orthodox Church on family relations of laymen in the 18-th century was investigated; the conditionality of marriage-domestic relations by interests of Russian empire was pointed out. The researcher showed the infringement of the secular authority into marriage-domestic relations. For example, the main source of marriage law during the 18-th century was not only Nomocanon, but also synodicons and emperor’s edicts, which corrected canon law.     

On the base of original sources the ethics of marriage-domestic relations and the standards of behaviour were found out. The researcher focuses on the special attention to conflicts in family life. The role of clergy in everyday practices of laymen was reconstructed. During the 18-th century the laymen were drawn towards established marriage-domestic traditions. It was found out that sometimes parish priests not conscientiously attended to their duties, infracted marriage-domestic regulations and gave laymen negative examples.

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