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Marketing in the mechanisms of public administration

Work number - M 4 AWARDED

Presented by the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management.

Authors: Iryna Vitalievna Chaplay, Romanenko Yevhen Aleksandrovych.

The aim of the workis theoretical and practical foundation of the expediency of use marketing in the mechanisms of public administration.

By the authors based on the theoretical studies and experimentsthe need and feasibility of application  of marketing tools in the work of public authorities in the context of current research approaches as the preferred means of bringing their activity to the needs of social groups that serve as the object of the said activity are identified.

A scientific basis are created for: the research work of the Academy of Municipal Management "Formation of innovative mechanisms of public administration in Ukraine" and research work of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics "Economic and institutional mechanism of the ensuring the effectiveness of public (government procurement) in Ukraine in terms of European integration"; discipline "Marketing in public administration"; program and the work program of discipline "Marketing in public administration", designed for students of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics, specialty 03050701 "Marketing".

Basic conceptual foundationsof the development of state marketing are formed, making it possible to open new horizons for the use of marketing in the mechanisms of government, it was impossible to even imagine.

Methodical recommendationsof the forming of the conceptual basis of the marketing mechanism in the mechanisms of governance that include conceptual decisions within the implementation of the proposed model of marketing mechanism are proposed.

Implementedscientific research from the problem of  improving the process of  development and implementation of tools marketing mechanism in the mechanisms of government in Ukraine.

In comparison with world analogues monograph content is original and compares favorably from the  previously published scientific papers of this kind, which positively affects on the social progress of national science and public administration and asserts its high prestige in the world.

Introducedin the activity of the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine, Municipal Management Academy, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics, Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine and others.

The economic effect from the implementation lies in the improving of the performance of individual units aforementioned government bodies, academic institutions, in the plane of satisfaction of social needs of workers and the population in general.

Number of publications:  including 1 scientific guide, 22 article 22 (9 - in foreign journals). 3 articles are  published in the journal "Actual problems of economy", which is reviewed in scientific metric based Scopus and 2 of the article - in the journal "Scientific Bulletin of Polesie", which is reviewed in scientific metric based on Thomson Reuters. On the subject defended 1 PhD thesis.