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Intensification of gas-coal field development due to the methane collectors features.

Work number - M 35 AWARDED

Presented by the Institute for Physics of Mining Processes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.


Authors:  Diedich I.O., Pichka T.V., Kamchatniy O.A.


The aim of research is to establish optimally agreed parameters for coal mining and degassing processes on excavation site of gas-coal field.

Authors formulated practically significant models of methane deposition from coal seams based on theoretical studies and experiments. Obtained solutions are convenient base for development of engineering calculation techniques needed to improve coal and gas production aspects by underground. Were established dependencies between coal methane-bearing and coal substance microstructure, taking into account porous-fractured structure and natural factors properties. Were solved new scientific and practical task of predicting and selecting parameters for degassing gas-coal massif with borehole from earth's surface based on established new interaction between degassing boreholes and cleaning slaughter patterns, and also on dependence of methane production from lava moving speed. It has great importance for safe coal mining by underground method.

Researches substantiate technology cleaning operations parameters for highly loaded lavas and degassing rock massif coal-gas stratum with boreholes from earth's surface. New degassing method has been developed and patented. It based on using the special degassing borehole form drilled from earth's surface.

Results of research are implemented in practice intensive development of the gas-coal field in conditions of Pokrovskoe mine management. Thanks to successful combination of high-speed boreholes drilling from the earth's surface and their rational location in relation to cleaning fields, 7.3 million m3 of methane was extracted and unprecedented production capacity of 8.3 million tons was achieved, that exceeds the indicators of 2011 by 1.4 million tons. The increase in profit per ordinary coal is 182 million UAH in comparable prices.

Number of publications: 36, incl. 19 articles (3 - in foreign editions). According to the Scopus database, total number of references to authors publications is —, h-index (by work) = —; according to the Google Scholar database, total number of links is 2, the h-index (for work) = 1. Technical solutions novelty and competitiveness are protected by 2 patents.