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The integrated complex with the development and maintenance of hybrid cars

Work number - P 7 FILED

Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University


Authors: Bazhinov A.V., Batygin Yu.V., Hnatov A.V., Dvadnenko V.Ya.,

                           Levterov A.I., Smirnov O.P., Tropina A.A., Bogaevsky A.B.,

Nikonov O.Ya.


The paper is dedicated to the first created and implemented in Ukraine the integrated complex for elaboration and repair of the hybrid and electric cars. This allowed to solve the important scientific and technical problems associated with the elaboration of the concept of creation of the energy-saving  and environmentally friendly vehicles, of the development of the new technologies of the magnetic pulsed repair for the motor transport, of the conversion of the  fundamental automobile in the hybrid variant with a variety of alternative energy installations, as well in the electric vehicle with a charge from the autonomous traction batteries . The scientific and technical base for the development of intelligent control systems of the hybrid and electric vehicles has been created. The modern system for the external magnetic pulsed flattening panels of the body car was created. The main features of the electrodynamics processes in the tools for external flattening have been disposed.

The electronic control systems for the synergetic automobile, as well the methods of adaption of the management strategies for the hybrid power installation in the towing speed mode of the automobile movement based on the concept of neural network and neuro-uncertain control with adaptive critic and the model of control object have been created for the first time. The scientific basis for justification of the basic parameters and characteristics of the environmentally friendly motor transport have been elaborated.

The results of the workhave been reflected in 11 monographs, in 5 textbooks, in more than 250 articles. Novelty and competitive technical solutions have been protected by 43 patents. By category of the work 3 doctoral and master's theses 6 were defended. The materials of the researches are the basis for the preparation of 3 Doctor of Science Degrees and of 7 Master's theses.