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An integrated approach to estimate the genetic specificity and resistance of catlle

Work number - M 22 FILED

Тhe Institute of Animals Breeding and Genetics nd. a. M.V. Zubets NAAN"

N. Mokhnachova, N. Makovskaya

The relevanceof the research is stipulated by the requirement to implement modern integrated approach for assessment of specificity and adaptation of type species in order to increase competitiveness of commercial breed and to reserve genetic pool of aboriginal, local species of cattle.

The purposeof the work is the genetic assessment of the specifics of the domestic commercial and local breeds of cattle for resistance to diseases and stress with the use of the analysis of the polymorphism loci of quantitative traits (QTLs), gene BoLA-DRB3, with subsequent use of the resulting molecular-genetic information in breeding work.

There has been analyzed and researched the sharing peculiarity of BoLA-DRB3 gene alleles in cattle native species.

For the first timethere has been defined alleles frequency and genotypes for a Gray Ukrainian breed on five genes associated with quantitative featured performance. For the first time there is conducted a molecular-genetic analysis of  alleles BoLA-DRB3 gene in this breed. The polymorphism BoLA-DRB3 gene is defined  in connection with susceptibility and resistance to mastitis in cows in the Ukrainian dairy breed.

The immunogeneticstructure of the WhiteHeaded Ukrainian breed is defined.It is conducted4 allelesspecific for a breed and the patented method of selection of desirable genotypes in gene poolherds.

Data on the genetic specificity of breeds of cattle in Ukraine are enteredinto European Farm Animal Biodiversity Information System – EFABIS at FAO.

The practical significance of the conducted scientific researches is confirmed by their effective use for monitoring the genetic resources of the «Bank of Genetic Resources of Animals» of the Institute of Animals Breeding and Genetics nd. a. M.V. Zubets NAAN" of the National Heritage in terms of mutation occurrence connected with resistance reduction.  

There has been established the economic efficiency of introducing a complex animal evaluation for mammary and stress resistance.   

There are publications on the results of work. The presented work is highlighted in 25 scientific papers (10 articles in the scientific professional journals, 4 theses of reports), among themthere are 3 publications in foreign publications. As a result of work it is received 1 patent, 1 copyright on the work, it is developed 3 methodical recommendations, 1 technical regulations. The results of the presented work is included in 2 sections of the monograph.

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