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Innovative structural and technological solutions for aerospace engineering aggregates made of polymer composite materials

Work number - M 65 AWARDED

Authors: Andreev A.V., Kondratiev A.V., Shchegel G.О.

Presented by the National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute".

The important scientific and technical problem of scientific support in creating of innovative design and technological solutions for  aerospace engineering aggregates made of polymeric composite materials has been solved in the work

The following scientific principles and methodology have been developed:

1 Optimization by weight of composite sandwich structures with honeycomb core in their regular and irregular areas.

2. Correction of mathematical models of honeycomb properties of designs using the experimental data.

3. The prediction of elastic and strength characteristics of composites based on wicker sleeves depending on the positioning and arrangement of material.

4. Determining the laws of deformation and fracture of sandwich panels with textile reinforced composites over a wide speed range of blow.

The following were developed and implemented:

1. Methods of optimal designing of shell and panel structures for aviation, rocket and rocket technology made from polymeric composite materials.

2. New energy-saving technology of forming of superthin skins made of polymer composites with thermal unbalanced structure and their subsequent gluing with honeycomb core.

3. Manufacturing technologies of complex-core curvilinear integral parts made of composite structures based on wicker reinforcement.

4. The laboratory complex, which makes it possible in-depth study of the physical and mechanical processes that occur during high-speed impact loading of composite structures.

Actuality of the following problems, solved in work, demonstrates the international level:

1. The concept of optimization of composite structures to realize potential possibilities of reducing their weight taking into account the whole range of external loads and manufacturing technology was first proposed.

2. The concept of technological support of manufacturing of honeycomb solar panels for space purposes was first proposed.

3. The complex of technological recommendations for using wicker sleeves in the manufacturing process of manufacturing of integral composite parts for aircraft structures was first developed.

4. The principle of designing of sandwich panels made from polymer composites with high impact strength at intended speed range of impact loading was first proposed.

The economic effect of using of the work consists in significant increase of the quality parameters of honeycomb aggregates for aerospace technology, in synthesis of the optimal parameters of manufacturing operations for the manufacture of complex-core composite structures, in development of the protective sandwich panels with high impact strength and in reducing of the surface weight for aerospace purposes in 1.5…2 times.

Scientific results of the work are presented in 2 books, 48 articles (including 8 in the collections of work that included in scientometric databases), 61 publications of materials of conferences and abstracts of reports. The novelty and the competitiveness of technical solutions is protected by 17 patents.

Total number of publications of authors is 148.