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Informational technologies of network traffic control for cyber attacks counteraction

Work number - M 18 AWARDED

Authors: Kostenko Pavlo Pavlovych, Slavko Olena Hennadiivna

Presented by Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University

Purpose of the work: to ensure increasing the effectiveness of computer networks of data transferring through information technologies of traffic processing for cybercrime fighting.

Information technologies for network data processing in information and communication systems are created. These information technologies are aimed to improve technical and economic efficiency of information systems exploitation, that are based on computer networks and relational databases, by reducing cyber threats on functioning mechanisms of systems of data transmission, processing and storage.

A number of fundamental results in the field of data flow control systems are obtained. These are method of parametric identification of mathematical models of data transferring processes on a base of a controlled process local model, method of a database queries optimization on a base of the discrete algorithm of a controlled process local model, method of intercepting and blocking of packets on a base of Windows Filtering Platformtechnology.

Scientific work includes priority results to improve the efficiency of information systems and networks functioning, that reduces the cyber threats impact in conditions of loaded usage of these environments of data transmission and processing.

New approaches to parametric identification of mathematical models of network data transmission processes, to congestion management in buffer queues of network routers  in problems of DoS- and DDoS-attacks avoidance, to external optimization of SQL-queries synthesis in conditions of information uncertainty of database structures in problems of compensation of cyber attacks on automatizated systems of a workplace management, to identification of packets content on network and transport layers of the OSI model in problems of protection against Adware threats are offered.

New non-traditional tasks of analysis of a parameters impact of computer networks and information systems on results of data transferring processes taking into account the informational and parametric uncertainty are formulated by authors.

Results of this scientific work are important for organizations and companies that use modern computer systems and networks in processes of information exchange, for solving the problem of cyber attacks and their effects on information flows.

Number of publications: 50, including 1 textbook, 27 papers (11 - in foreign journals, including 2 - in the SCOPUS database). According to the Google Shcolar database total number of citations - 49, h-index (the work) - 6. The novelty and competitive technical solutions are protected by 4 author's certificates, one patent for utility model. 2 candidate's theses were defended on the subject.