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Information technologies processing of experimental measurements for creation of new structures of aerospace hardware

Work number - M 58 AWARDED

Authors:    Derevianko I.I.,   Kozis K.V.


Submitted by the Yuzhnoye State Design Office named after M.K. Yangel


An important current scientific-technical problem of assessing the quality of aerospace hardware (AH) by the example of the many welds of launcher interstage and solid buildings of rocket engines, using simulation methods of mathematical statistics and the theory of estimation was solved.

A signature style is the uniqueness of the AH objects as they are developed for the first time, they have unique design and technological solutions of their creation, they don’t have known analogs and respectively a priori data and information technologies processing of experimental measurements in estimating their quality and defects. At that statistical regularities and informativeness of measurements are often unknown, and their volume is limited.

New scientific results which used for developing the AH quality evaluation methods were obtained, while performing the research:

– new methods of visual and analytical analysis of the experimental measurements of spaсe-distributed AH objects were developed;

– the model  for describingmeasurements of spaсe-distributed AH objects was used for the first time;

– new evaluation methods of stationarity, independence, formation of determine and stochastic models were developed, special aspects of their application were studied, conditions and limits of their application were determined;

– filtration adaptive method of rush and contact noise, and also visual and analytic method of defectoscopy and quality control of measurements of experimental selections of line-plangent objects were improved;

– thermal protection system made of national production materials which used in construction of buildings of solid rocket engine was developed for the first time;

– new processing methods of big data were developed for the first time; information technologies of research of station of space-distributed objects were created using processing:

- magnetometric measurements of similar blocks of welded joints;

- tensometric measurements of interstage;

- digital images of surfaces of thermal protection coating;

In consequence of accomplished research methodical ware and software were developed. It used for experimental measurements analysis of space-distributed AH objects at Yuzhnoye SDO, also used for teaching and learning process at Dniepropetrovsk national university named after Oles Honchar.

Based on the research scientific findings 35 scientific papers (among them 6 articles in publications, which included in scientometrical base of Index Scopus and Copernicus), 9 articles in specific publications of Ukraine (one of them - secret), 20 papers in conference proceedings and books of abstracts were published.