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Improving of fuel efficiency and environmental performance of gas turbines and gas reciprocating engines by plasmachemical and thermosorption technologies

Work number - M 37 AWARDED

Authors: A. Kozlovsky, A. Konovalov, А.Hrych, A. Ostapenko


Submitted by Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding, Mykolayiv


The important scientific and technical problem of developing of plasmachemical technologiesfor intensifications of processes in low emission combustion chambers of gas turbine engines(GTE) and of thermosorption technologies for waste heat transformation in integrated energy systems with cooling of cyclic air of gas reciprocating engines(GRE) which ensure engine maintenance in thermal conditions at the safe level and, as consequence, improve their fuel efficiency and environmental performance, is solved in the paper.

Developed the approach, principles and methods of rational performance of processes of energy transformation in engines by application of plasmachemical and thermosorption technologies are the physico-technical fundamentals of methodology of designing and constructing of world level power installations, provide their waste energy potential full recovery and, as consequence, fuel saving and decreasing anthropogenous loads on environments.

Developed techniques of numerical experiment, the scheme-technical solutions and the recommendations about designing and constructing of gas turbine and gas reciprocating plants with application of plasmachemical and thermosorption technologies of GTE and GRE thermal stabilization with engine waste energy potential recovery are introduced at the state enterprise SE NPKG "Zorja"-"Mashproekt", Ltd "Factory "Equator", Ltd "Chladotechnika", Ltd "Sandora"-"PepsiСоUkraine", Mykolayiv, and also are used in educational process of Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding.

A world level of the work results are proved by their comparison on fuel efficiency with power installations of leading domestic and foreign leaders of power machine building industry (SE NPKG "Zorja"-"Mashproekt", Ltd "Factory "Equator", Ltd "Jenbacher"-"General Electric" etc.), are confirmed by the data of field tests of power installations on the concrete objects (Ltd "Sandora"-"PepsiСоUkraine", SE NPKG "Zorja"-"Mashproekt", Mykolayiv) and approbation at authoritative international scientific conferences, and also by realization of the results of the work in a number of fundamental research projects as with state budgetary financing, and according to the international contracts.

Economic benefit of introduction of work results is evaluated as more than 3.5 mln. grn.

Scientific results of the work are presented in 3 theses for the scientific degree of the candidate of technical sciences, 37 scientific articles in specialized issuings. Novelty and competitive ability of technical decisions is protected by the patent of Ukraine.

Total number of author publications –104.