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Improving the efficiency of development of hydrocarbon deposits through the use of the new generation compressor equipment

Work number - P 30 AWARDED

Presented by the M.S. Polyakov Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Authors: Blyuss B.O., Bondarenko G.A., Zharkov P.E., Kirik G.V., Lyakh M.M., Shevchenko V.G.

The aim is to improve the efficiency of hydrocarbon deposits development technologies based on scientific grounding, creation and widespread introduction of modern reliable, energy-saving and high-performance new generation compressor equipment.

The scientific significance of the work is to development of scientific and technical bases of increase of efficiency of development of hydrocarbon deposits on the basis of a new generation of energy efficient compressor machines by means of establishing regularities of change workflow parameters of heat exchangers of compressor units, regime parameters of their work in a mine pneumonetworks, reliability components and compressor machines blocks working in the coal mines, the oil and gas industry, the development of methods for calculating operating and design parameters of the compressor equipment when used for the production of oil, gas, coal and coal bed methane.

The practical significance of the results is to improve the technology and methods of hydrocarbon field development based on the established of a new generation of compressor equipment. On Belsky gas field carried out additional production of 12,0 million m3 of gas in the first year realization project of the gas compressor unit SGVv 315-20/035-25 U1. In the oil and gas field "Kenlyk" in the Republic of Kazakhstan to supply associated gas to the power plant EG-6000 operated the similar compressor stations. On Vishanskoe field of RUE "PA "BELORUSNEFT" implemented technology of thermal gas influence using the compressor units BKU 20/35, the oil recovery rate reached 75 %. In the mines of PJSC "Krasnodonvugol" implemented method of methane utilization by compressor gasutilization installations UKG-5/8; with using installations recycled more than 21 million m3 of gas. The paramilitary rescue team introduced a way to extinguish fires with nitrogen using a membrane screw mobile stations AMVP-15/0.7 U1; the method used to extinguish fires at a number of mines, the stations produced more than 12 million m3 of nitrogen. On the basic of a new generation of scientific and technological performance achieved in the development of hydrocarbon deposits, the technologies and methods of use the compressor equipment higher than the best domestic and foreign analogues. The actual economic effect was more than 2 billion UAH.

Number of publications: 269, including 9 monographs, 6 manuals, 250 articles (40 - in foreign editions), 4 normative documents. According to the database Scopus data the total number of references to the publication of the authors represented in the work is 113, h-index (for work) = 5; according to the base Google Shcolar data the total number of references - is 91, h-index (for work) = 9. The novelty and competitive technical solutions protected by 104 patents. On this subject defended 3 doctor's and 10 PhD theses.