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The improvement of fuel efficiency and environmental charactaristics of diesel by using biodiesel

Work number - M 83 FILED

The purpose of research is to improving fuel efficiency and environmental characteristics of a diesel engine by using biodiesel fuel, which is one of the most effective ways to reduce exhaust emissions, improve fuel efficiency and energy performance. This is achieved by providing the necessary physical and chemical properties of mixed biodiesel fuels, by adaptation of biodiesel fuels to diesel engines that are in use.

The mathematical model of the car under the European driving cycle regimes for the research of the environmental characteristics and fuel economy at work on regular and mixed biodiesel is specified.

The experimental bench research of the VAG ASV 1.9 Tdi engine while working on regular and mixed biodiesel fuel with varying rapeseed methyl ester share has been carried out.

The calculative study of the effect of the rapeseed methyl ester additives to diesel fuel on the environmental and economic characteristics of the automobile has been carried out.

Comparative test of Škoda Octavia 1.9 Tdi automobile with VAG ASV 1.9 Tdi diesel while working on regular and mixed biodiesel fuel has been carried out at simulating roller stand.

Due to the research it has been established that the mass emissions   reduced to carbon monoxide in the terms of the engine’s functioning on the two-component biodiesel fuel in a modified European driving cycle increase by 0.68%, and in the terms of functioning on three-component biodiesel - reduce by 8.22% in comparison with the standard diesel.