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High efficiency distributed generation systems in urban transport

Work number - M 66 AWARDED

Verbytskyi I.V., Mykolayets D.A., Osypenko К.S., Pavluchenko V.L


Presented by the National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute".


A series of the works consists of 3 monographs, 49 scientific articlesand 4 patents, published within8 years.


The basis of highefficiency control of the urban electric transport power supply system as distributed system is created.

A number of fundamental results were obtained whilesolving the problems of improving the urban electric transport efficiency, namely: 1) the means for improving the maneuver characteristics of electric transport were proposed for the first time; 2) the methods of eliminating of energy overflows between sources are proposed; 3) the systems of dynamic reactive power compensation have been theoretically substantiated and implemented for the first time.

A series of the works contains the priority results in: providing theoretical substantiation of the phenomenon of instantaneous reactive power; influence of current pulsations on the selection of maximum power from the energy source; determination of stability areas for the joint operation of diesel generator and storage battery; distribution of the mechanical load on the moving transport axes, ensuring uninterruptable power supply of electric transport.

New control approaches for power supply systems consisting of a variety of different types of energy sources are offered.

The authors put forward new nonconventional tasks, namely: 1) for the first time in Ukraine,in the urbanelectric transport, a joint control system of three power sources(diesel generator, storage battery and central network)was used in the combined operation mode ensuring high efficiency of electric energy; 2) it is proposed to providedynamic compensation of electric energy in transition modes.

The results of a seriesare important for the design of distributed generation systems for the construction of electric transport systems and a centralized network, new methods for the formation and maintenance of trolleybuses with the possibility of their movement outside the power line at short and medium distances.

The results of the research on the topic of the work are described in 3 monographs, 54 articles (including 1 in foreign journal), 23 thesis papers. The work of the authors werecited in more than 10 scientific journals, the total number of publications references is 27 (according to the Scopus database), h-index = 5. Four patents have been received.

The total number of authors publications is 86, including 64 on the topicof the work.