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Genetic-physiological research on enhancing stability and senfit productivity productivity

Work number - M 25 FILED

Presented by the Plant Production Institute named after V.Ya. Yuryev of National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

Authors: Sivenko A.A, Ph.D., Sakhno Т.V., Ph.D.


The aim of the work is to establish morpho-biological, breeding-genetic and physiological characteristics of sunflower specimens and to develop a method for preliminary biochemical evaluation of their resistance to sunflower broomrape, identification of valuable for breeding pollen fertility restorer lines and the production of high-yielding hybrids on this basis that are environmentally stable to the flower parasite broomrape.

Created and transferred to State variety testing in 2010-2017 years 12 sunflower hybrids (Zlatson, Drayv, Stayer, Atlet, Elitson, Dobrodiy, Izyums'kyy, Klad, Charodiy, Lytsar, Shumer, Intehral) are currently registered in the State Register of Plant Varieties suitable for distribution in Ukraine.

The authors proposed molecular-biological methods based on PCR analysis that ensure the determination of genetic distances, which increases the efficiency of using lines in heterosis sunflower breeding to systematize the breeding of the best lines along with traditional assessments on morphological features.

During the scientific research, the authors identified five fertility restorer lines (X720B, X04112B, X06135B, X785B, X06134B), which have advantages in breeding for valuable economic features and are used in breeding programs of the Plant Production Institute named after V.Ya. Yuryev of NAAS. The lines (Х720В, Х526В, Х711В, Х785В, Х06134В, Х1090В, Х06135В) are group resistant to broomrape and main pathogens,causing downy mildew, phomopsis, white and gray rot.

The breeding process for creating highly heterosis sunflower hybrids has been improved by involving in the hybridization the parental lines with a new genetic basis and establishing the laws of their valuable economic features manifestation, depending on the combinational ability and the manifestation level of the heterosis effect.

A method for preliminary biochemical evaluation of the sunflower samples resistance to broomrape has been developed, which provides the acceleration and cost reduction of traditional vegetative evaluation method and provides identification of a valuable sunflower breedingfor resistance to broomrape, as confirmed by the utility model patent.

Publications:58, including 18 scientific articles, including journals that are translated abroad and included in the international databases of Google Scholar, 16 abstracts at scientific conferences, 1 utility model patent, 8authorship plants varieties certificates, 4 methodical recommendations, 6 catalogs of hybrids and sunflower lines.